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What is Nirbuy

Nirbuy is the local product search for every passion.

Whenever you need a particular product or service you can find out who offers it around your area.

If you want to view what products and services are currently available by a specific shop (or restaurant, etc.) you can view it by clicking on the name of the shop.

Once you register as a user, you can customize your results by adding a business, or its specific branch, as your favourites.

Once added, your favourite shops will be the first places we will look for whenever you need something.

The passions in Nirbuy

This site is dedicated to enthusiasts.

Passions like music, sport, food, photography but also your work (products and services for your profession), your family (your children, grandparents, women on maternity etc.), local products, foreign goods and many others.

Each business is linked to a passion that allows you to find professionals and shops to discover.

If you believe we have forgotten something, please let us know using the form at the bottom of the page.

Shops and shop pages

Each shop has its own page containing all the products and services (shown in italics) it offers.

You can view all the shops in Nirbuy by region, or city or neighbourhood (accessible with filters in search results) where available, in the "Shops list ".

Adding a shop as favourite

In Nirbuy, you can personalize your results with all your favourite shops (for the quality of service, for distance, for prices, for the quantity of products etc...).

Once added as ‘favourites’ these shops will rank first when they have what you are looking for.

Please note that each shop has a limited availability of possible preferences assigned by its owner:

- If you see a speech bubble in the favourite button means you can make a preference request. This will remain pending until it is accepted.

- If you see a + (plus) in the favourite button, this business can be instantly added to your favourites (the favourites button turns green)!

You can add and delete (by clicking on the green button) all the shops you want, freely.

Your bookmarks will appear on your favourite’s page and pending requests in the requests section on the same page.

Your history

The history reminds you which shop you found interesting in your previous searches.

This contains all the shops you have added as a favourite, made a request, viewed shop page or the map.

Your homepage contains a short version of the history. To see the complete history of the last 30 days, go to the history in your menu.

User account registration

Registering with Nirbuy to add your favourite shops is simple.

Click on "user account" and then on "click here to create your account".

Fill in the form and you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Check your email account's spam folder if you cannot find the email.

Once logged in you can manage all your preferences easily.

In case you lose your password, follow the guided process to change the password on the login page.

You can disable your user account by clicking on ‘disable user account’ on the "User Profile" page of your menu.

Remember: If you also have a professional account, it will also be disabled.

Welcome and enjoy your Nirbuy!

Business Account

Create a business account in Nirbuy

Nirbuy's business account is offered you for free:

- Easily insert and update your products and services of all your shops (but also studios, offices, restaurants, etc.).

- Allow enthusiasts to know that you offer a product or service when they are looking for it.

- Have a dedicated page for each of your shops with all the products and services it offers.

- Allow users to share your shop and your single products and services on their social networks.


All in one multilingual and international site, visible on a computer and mobile phone, to let you be known by enthusiasts around the world!


Beyond this guide, the business section contains bits of advice and help (click on the "?") to make your experience quick and fruitful.

You can update everything quickly, easily and for free both from a computer and a mobile phone.

The business area is linked to a user side (you too are an enthusiast!) that you can also use to have all the privileges on one account.

The user side (the one with your email), contains in the "User Profile" the function to change the password or disable your entire account (both user and business).

Also, under the user side, you have the button to exit from your account.



Create your business account by clicking on "business account" on the top menu. Then "Click here to create a business account in Nirbuy". Fill the form and click on the link that you will receive via email. Remember to check your spam folder, in case you cannot see the email.

If you already have a user account and you want to add your business, you simply need to enter your user account email and password in the business login form.

Tips to get the best out of your business account

7 tips to get the best out of Nirbuy!


1. Be specific in creating your services. Think about your customers’ needs: as for the products, people are looking for a specific service. Create one for each one.

2. Prices: Adding prices is at your discretion. People expect a price or not depending on what you sell. If you add it, you can select the currency of your choice and for the services, you can specify the price, timeframe per hour, per day etc.

3. Use a geographical reference for your shop: The place where your shop is situated, the office open to the public, restaurant etc. In Nirbuy, in addition to the name of your business, you must enter a geographical reference as a name for each of your premises. Choose a monument, a famous street or square, a metro or train stop, your neighbourhood etc. that allows anyone to instantly understand where it is.

4. Product or service names: The name of the product or service will be the one that will appear first in the results. You have 80 characters to enter the most important keywords. If this is not enough, remember that the product will still appear thanks to the keywords contained in the remaining fields like its description.

5. The passion and the nation of your business. Every business must have only one connected passion and have all its offices in the same country. If you have multiple locations in different countries, or each of them is linked to a different passion, create a business account for each of them with a different email. We strongly recommend you to find a passion common to all of your locations, for your easy management, even if they differ. If they are really different, create a business account with an email for each of them.

6. Keep your catalogue up-to-date. Update your catalogue with products and services that you actually have, at the current price (if you enter it). In case you have temporarily finished a product, you can hide it as unavailable. Just one click to mark it available again. Every time you publish your catalogue, you will not only increase your score in the results list, but obviously having an updated catalogue will greatly increase the chances that people will turn to you. Customers come to you for specific products and services, let them find those products. They'll come back.

7. Easy to update and share: Make the most of your shop page. It is a perfect business card. When you publish your catalogue for the first time, you will generate a page for each shop. This page contains all the business details, products and services of that shop (or business branch, studio, restaurant, etc.). Every time you update your catalogue, inserting, deleting or modifying the products or services, every shop and product page of your business will be updated. This is to allow anyone to not only know what you offer but also to share it in social networks! Each of your shop pages has a fixed address ( and a number) that you can copy and paste wherever you want to allow anyone to easily and quickly view what you offer.

Your business profile

Insert title, name, surname (as a reference for communication purpose; it will not be published) the name of your business, the passion related to your business, the country, the standard currency of your products and/or services, the website (if you have it) and a brief description of your business.

You can disable your business account whenever you want. It will no longer be visible to users.

If you have a payment plan, first cancel the payment plan and then the business account.

You can reactivate your account by entering your email and password in the login box and clicking on enable account.

The passion connected to your business

Choose the passion that matches your business.

If you have doubts, think about what types of enthusiasts would look for you to decide the right one. You can always change it later.

Select the country of your business

Select the country of your business. Once saved, you will not be able to edit it.

If you have locations in different countries, create an account with a different email address for each country.

The currency of your business

Select the standard currency of your business.

If you wish, you can change the currency for each of your products or services.

Description of your business

Briefly describe your business.

This will be displayed for each of your shops.

Select the region of your shop

Select the region of the shop.

If available, also select the city and the neighbourhood.

A geographical reference as the “name” of your shop

As a "name" for your shop, use a geographical reference that allows everyone to instantly understand where it is.

It will not only allow you to identify the shop in your catalogue (if your business is a chain of shops) but will also allow users to immediately identify where it is.

You cannot use the same name for different shops in your business.

Enter the address of your shop

Enter the full address of your shop with street, city, nation, etc.

Then click on the search icon (or outside the address field) to check everything on the map.

The Catalogue manager

The catalogue manager contains:

• Up:

  • Link to the shop page
  • The name of your business
  • Importing products
  • Last publishing date
  • Button "Publish" to publish your catalogue

• View shop: If you have more than 1 shop you can select a shop (click on the name) or multiple shops (by clicking on the relative box) or all. Each shop has a number to link it to the categories.

• Add and search categories.

• Multi-selection (select multiple products or services to add their keywords, move them to categories or delete them). Add product/service and search.

• Add category and add product or service (select or create category first).

• Category table: To select a category, click on it. To see them all, follow the selected one.

• Table of products and services: Click on the name of the product/service to modify it.


Once your catalogue is published for the first time it becomes visible to the world.

But remember from that moment on, any changes you make to your products or services may be visible.


The catalogue page was created to be displayed on every computer screen and mobile phone. However, if you have problems in the full view, just zoom out in your browser.

The categories

• Create a category to add your products or services (displayed in italics): Click on "add category" above.

• If you have a CSV file (see explanation below) with all your products (not the services) you can import it and the categories will be generated automatically.

• Each category has a number for each shop where you added it.

• You can import products (never the services) only for a single category by clicking on the relevant button with the arrow at the top (import).

• Click on a category to select it, click on the category to deselect it and see all the categories.

Products, services and availability

Products, services and availability:

• You can create a product or service (shown in italics) by creating or selecting the relevant category. And then click on add a new product or service.

• You can also import all your products (not services) using a CSV file.

• Click on the name of the product or service to change it.

• In case of unavailable product/service: Select the shop where it is not currently available at the top, then click on ✅(symbol: available) to temporarily hide it from users. To reactivate it, use the unavailable button.

Importing your products

Import the entire catalogue of products you offer in your shops.

Correct display for importing products

Preview your file to verify that the table of contents with all the columns is separated correctly.
The CSV file can use different methods to separate columns. Select one of the different character separator to check the correct importation of your products.

Selection of the shops in which to import the products

Select one, all or multiple shops that share the products contained in the file.

Import to add and/or update your products

You can add the products contained in the file.

If there are products with the same name, the same category in the same shop, they will be updated (price, link etc.)

Import to replace all your old products with the new ones

To delete all the products in your catalogue and replace them entirely with those contained in the file you want to import.

Great to delete all the products you no longer have and insert the current ones.

What is a CSV file, how it is created and how to import it

A CSV file (Text file with comma-separated values) is a file type that is perfect to quickly import tables of data.

To import correctly in Nirbuy make sure that:

1. The first row contains the title of the columns (example product name, category, price, etc.).

2. There is, for each product, its name (in a column) and the related category (in another).

3. The product name is no longer than 80 characters.

4. If you have a column with the price make sure that there is simply the price (the currency and other words will be cut) without other numbers related to discounts, VAT, etc.


To create a CSV from excel:

And follow the instructions to export data to a text file by saving. Remember to save in CSV.


If you use a catalogue management program, search the documentation or the help section for export modes as a CSV file.

If there is no CSV you can consider exporting using the file types that can be converted on this page

Publish the catalogue

Every time you publish your catalogue, you improve your search results ranking.

Your shop page

After publishing your catalogue for the first time, a public shop page will automatically be generated for each of your shops.

This page contains not only the details of the shop but also all the products and services it offers.

The link assigned to your page is always the same, so you can copy and paste the URL or share the link on social networks to show your inventory that you can keep updated easily and for free!

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